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Company Introduction
JoJo Technologies was established on January 1st 2010. It is very new working style company
which comes up a special team with strong engineering background in electronic manufacturing,
especially in the Audio Industry, such as: Pro-Audio Test Development, Bluetooth Earphone,
Headphone, Cell phone, Acoustic Test System, Precision Mechanical Machining, Audio Test
Fixture and Accessories Design and Machining, etc. We provide the engineering service for our
customer from R&D stage to mass production, quality control, workmanship, process
improvement and solutions, technical support and issues troubleshooting, optimizing and
upgrading old-days test system, enlarging the production line output and productivities,
test system development, fixture design and fabrication, special components, custom-made
test cables, test equipment and instruments distributor and agent.
Business Scope:
Test system development, Fixture design and Fabrication
Test cables, Components, Equipments Design and Sales
ODM Projects Engineering Service and NPI Management
Quality Control, Craft, Process Improvement & Solutions

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What services we have? Let's get down into the most important part:

Test System Development/Fixture Design and Fabrication;

Test Cables, Components, Equipments Design and Sales;

ODM Projects Engineering Service and NPI Management;

Quality Control, Workmanship, Process Improvement and Solutions

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